Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell 2022

Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell 2022

Joni Mitchell was inspired to write this song while visiting Hawaii. She looked out of the window of her hotel at the mountainous landscape of the South Pacific and then down to the parking lot. This one seemed immeasurable and the sharp contrast with the ‘paradise’ she had seen just before shocked her. The song discusses, among other things, the destruction of a natural landscape and the use of DDT. With the sentence “Don’t it always seem to go / That you don’t know what you’ve got / Till it’s gone” artist the shortsightedness of many who only realize the value of something when it is too late.

The record became a radio hit in several countries. In its home country Canada it reached the 14th position, in the United States it reached the 24th position on the Billboard Hot 100. In Australia it reached the 6th position and in the United Kingdom it reached the 11th position in the UK Singles Chart.

At the time, the record was played a lot in the Netherlands on Radio Veronica, Radio Mi Amigo, Radio Caroline and Hilversum 3 and became a radio hit.Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell 2022 The record reached the 27th position in the Dutch Top 40 on Radio Veronica and the 19th position in the Hilversum 3 Top 30 on Hilversum 3.

In Belgium, neither the Flemish Ultratop 50 nor the Flemish Radio 2 Top 30 were reached.

Big Yellow Taxi

Big Yellow Taxi will perform the music of Blue and other songs by Joni Mitchell.
Tickets: $15
The band features the soaring voice of Teresa Lorenço, along with a band composed of some of New England’s most sought after and talented musicians including Chris Haynes on Keyboards and accordion, Joe FitzPatrick on drums, John Cabán on guitar, Rich Cahillane on bass and guitar, and Annie Patterson on percussion and vocals.
Altered image: Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by Paul C Babin.

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