How to Fill Cheque

How to Fill Cheque

How to Fill Cheque – Above is a photo check for HDFC Bank. Every bank check looks like this; just format with the color theme to change. If you see an SBI check or other check you will find no difference.

At the top, you can find IFSC Code. All bank branches that allow National Electronic Fund Transfer have Indian Financial System (IFSC) codes. To transfer money online, you must state the IFSC Code of your bank.

You can also see your bank account number in your bank check and in the bottom right you can see your name.

Now, if you look at the bottom line of your bank check you will see the numbers or codes there. The first 6 digits are your check number.

The following 9 digits are your MICR code. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This number helps banks to check filters quickly. With the MICR code, the machine understands which bank your check is in and where it belongs.

Every day the big banks get thousands of checks so manual planning and processing is not possible. The bank introduced this MICR code to do the job in a few seconds with the help of a machine. The MICR code is also divided into three parts.

The first three-letter MICR code machine to locate the branch issuing a check; these are usually the first three digits of your city PIN code. The following three digits help to identify the name of the bank e.g. The HDFC bank code is 240 and the SBI bank code is 002, and the same last numbers indicate the exact location of the bank branch.

After the MICR code, we have a 6-character account code. It is not very important but it shows the details of your bank account”How to Fill Cheque”.

Finally, we have the Activity ID. With the help of the Work ID, the machine knows whether your check is a local check or paid equally in all branches. If your bank check is a local check then it can only be deposited into the local bank branch. Or in the second case it can be deposited in any branch of the bank.

Now you know what details are printed in the check. Before I show you how to complete a check, let us take a look at some key points to keep in mind as we complete the check.

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