Kamila Valieva is Happy but Emotionally Tired as she Goes for Gold – Winter Olympics

Kamila Valieva is Happy but Emotionally Tired as she Goes for Gold – Russian swimmer Kamila Valieva is “thrilled” but “emotionally exhausted” as she prepares to present an Olympic gold medal a day after a court-ordered her to enter a contest in a drug dispute.

The 15-year-old girl found out last week that she had failed a drug test but then appealed a decision by Russia’s Anti-Doping Agency for a temporary suspension.

The ruling was approved by the Sports Court on Monday after appeals to the Olympic Committee (IOC) and others.

Kamila Valieva is Happy but Emotionally Tired as she Goes for Gold

The pre-Games gold medalist, who had already surprised the judges to help the Russian Olympic Committee win the team match, continued training – in front of the cameras – amid uncertainty about whether he would be able to continue competing.

“These [past] days have been very difficult for me,” Valieva, who sometimes appeared in tears at the gym, told Russia’s Channel One.

“I feel like I have no feelings left. I am happy but also emotionally drained. ”

Russia, which has been banned from participating in the games under its banner for its drug use, has once again stood out in the media.

Kamila Valieva is Happy but Emotionally Tired as she Goes for Gold – But Denis Oswald, former chairman of the IOC commission that looked at drug abuse by Russian athletes at the 2014 Sochi Games, said at the moment it looks like “there is no doping connection established in Sochi” but it is difficult. to have an idea without all the details.

Valieva now knows that if she wins the medal at the women’s event, which starts on Tuesday with a short program and ends on Thursday with a free skate, the IOC has ruled that there will be no awards ceremony.

“We want to give the medal to the right person,” said Oswald, the permanent chairman of the IOC’s disciplinary commission.

“As long as the decision on the athlete’s drug trafficking case is not yet clear – he has given a good sample – until it is clear we will not share the awards.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) is investigating Valieva’s team, which includes trainers, doctors and other adults around him, Oswald added, “a 15-year-old child will not do anything wrong on his own”.

Meanwhile, you are still under investigation for anti-doping in connection with a failed test. Oswald said he had not yet asked for his B-sample, which is part of the program.

Under Wada rules for athletes whose A-type is tested to see if they have the authority to request that their B-samples be tested.

Winter Olympics

The case still has a long way to go and a lot of questions need to be answered, but we will get one answer later Tuesday on the question of how this would affect Valieva’s performance in the ice.

The Russian man claims to have been supported by messages on social media, adding: “When I open Instagram, I see many good wishes and beliefs. I have noticed that in Moscow there are even billboards that say ‘Kamila, we are with you. Very good.

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