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PNB Balance Enquiry Number – Punjab National Bank has introduced a new service called missed call banking for its customers. Now, PNB Bank customers can check their account balance, small statement, and check status etc with the help of PNB SMS banking service. In addition, customers can transfer funds from their accounts to other accounts; you can transfer up to RS.5000, and customers can stop paying checks issued through this excellent service. Read on to find out the PNB balance question number.

There are many ways to know the balance of Punjab National Bank but the missed phone number is the fastest way to know your balance. If you are in a hurry, let me show you the PNB balance check number and I will discuss further.

PNB Balance Enquiry Number
PNB Balance Enquiry Number

How can I check my PNB account balance through SMS?

To know Punjab National Bank account balance, customers can give a missed call to PNB balance enquiry number-


Dial following toll-free PNB balance enquiry number 18001802223 from your registered mobile number and wait for an auto-confirmation message. Soon after giving the call, you will receive your account balance through SMS. Or you can use this tolled number 0120-2303090 to get your PNB Bank account balance.

All these services are available for customers who have registered their mobile numbers with their respective bank branches. So, if you want to get all these benefits then register your mobile number with your respective bank branch.

If you’re already getting SMS alerts from your Punjab National Bank then it means your mobile number is already registered with the bank. In that case, no further steps are required, simply dial 18001802223 to know your PNB Bank account balance.

How can I check my PNB mini statement online?

For PNB mini statement online check, customers can install Punjab National Bank’s official mPassbook app, available on Google Play Store and all other major phone app stores.

mPassbook app is nothing but digital version of your physical bank passbook which carries all your bank account details including mini statement and all inward and outward transaction details.

No need to mention, internet banking and mobile banking platforms provided by the bank can also be used to get updated PNB account details.

Using Punjab National Bank SMS banking service, customers can also check PNB mini statement in which customers will get last 5 transactions details through SMS.

For PNB mini statement, just type “MINSTMT (space) 16 digit Account Number” and send it to 5607040.

Alternatively, you can dial *99# from your registered mobile number to check your PNB mini statement online.

For self transfer of funds up to 5000 rupees

To transfer funds from your account to other account, just type ‘SLFTRF’ space ‘Your Account Number’ space ‘To Account Number’ space ‘Amount’ and send it to 5607040. For example, if I want to transfer Rs. 4000 from my account number 0690XXXXXXXXXX to other account number
05100000XXXXXX then SMS format will be like following SLFTRF 0690XXXXXXXXXX 05100000XXXXXX 4000.

How to check PNB cheque status?

To check the status of PNB bank issued cheque then just type “CHQINQ space Cheque Number space 16 digit Account Number” and send it to 5607040.

How to stop payment of PNB Bank cheque?

To stop payment of cheque just type “STPCHQ space Cheque Number space 16 digit Account Number” and send it to 5607040.

Now enjoy all these services provided by PNB bank. If you found this post helpful then please do share this post with your friends. You can also activate the internet banking service of PNB on your account number to pay for online shopping, bills (like electricity bills), etc read “How to activate net banking of Punjab National Bank?”

Note: Kindly verify the above keywords before using them. You’re advised to review it from the official website of Punjab National Bank.

What are some other ways of PNB balance enquiry?

For your convenience, I have listed some other ways of PNB balance checks. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Internet Banking

PNB net banking users can log in to their online banking accounts to know their account balance and other account-related information. It is a free, safe and secure service, therefore, you should use it.

Punjab National Bank’s net banking service lets you make payments, transfer funds, order new checkbooks, pay credit card and grocery bills, and more. And of course, for PNB balance inquiry, you can log in to your net banking account.

Are you skeptical about net banking services then read ‘Is online banking safe?


BHIM developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is an initiative to make India digital. Apps is overwhelmingly adopted by all banks. BHIM does not only lets you send and receive payments but also helps you know your Punjab National Bank account balance.

Customers who make purchases using BHIM UPI app also receive cashback from the bank. You’d use this app to do banking online.

PNB One Mobile Banking

PNB One mobile banking service can be used for balance checks, mini statements, and fund transfers. The bank has integrated many modern banking features such as easy fund transfer, download account statement, apply for ATM, etc to its app. PNB One service is available free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you have a smartphone then you can use this service for PNB balance inquiries on the go.

*99# UPI Number

Customers of the bank can also dial *99# toll-free USSD based mobile banking number to know their account details. If you would be dialing *99# for the first time then you will need to complete the one-time registration process, which barely takes 5 minutes.

After successful registration, the customer can do PNB balance inquiry.

PNB Customer Care Number

To know account details, account holders can dial PNB customer care number-


Customers can dial toll-free Punjab National Bank customer care number 18001802222 for PNB balance inquiry. After dialing the number, follow the IVR options and talk to a customer service agent to know your account balance.

PNB Passbook Updation Machine

Customers can visit the nearest PNB passbook updation machine to update their bank passbook. The bank passbook contains all account details including the available account balance. If the bank passbook is already updated then the customer can visit the same for PNB balance inquiry.

Visit ATM Machine

Customers who refrain from using digital banking services of the bank can visit the nearest PNB ATM to know their bank account balance. At an ATM, the customer will need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Insert ATM card in the machine
  • Enter ATM PIN
  • Choose ‘Account Balance’ option
  • Account balance will be displayed on ATM screen

Apart from above options, you can visit your nearest bank branch to know your account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How check Punjab National Bank account balance?

To check account balance, customers can give a missed call toll-free number 18001802223 from their registered mobile number. Customers can also dial *99# to know their last five transactions details.

How to check PNB mini statement?

To check the mini statement in PNB, the customer will need to send the following SMS ‘MINSTMT 16digitAccountNumber’ to 5607040.

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