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Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts

Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts – Russian state TV has claimed that saboteurs have blown up railway bridges in two more places on the Russian-annexed territory of Crimea, linking the blasts to Russia’s worst-ever highway accident that killed 28 people. A suspicious fire at a Crimean energy facility caused a huge blast, injuring at least two people. Russia is blaming sabotage by Ukrainian agents, while Ukraine has demanded that Russia fully restore electrical power to the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed sabotage for explosions that ripped through a residential area of the Black Sea city of Kerch on Sunday, killing at least three people and injuring more than 40.

Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts
Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts

Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts Details

The Crimean authorities are blaming saboteurs for explosions that destroyed electricity lines and left Crimea without power over the weekend. The Russian-controlled peninsula in the Black Sea was plunged into darkness after explosions destroyed pylons and transmission lines on Saturday, with further explosions on Sunday.

Did Russia trigger explosions in Crimea? An objective discussion.

Russia has long claimed that it was not involved in the Ukraine conflict and only intervened after the conflict started. However, reports of Russian soldiers being killed and captured in Ukraine, are now becoming too common to ignore. In light of this recent escalation, I would like to present an objective view of the situation. While Russia’s claims of supporting the independence movement are doubtful, it is possible that Russia may have been involved in the recent terror attacks.

Russia claims that Ukraine caused the explosions in Simferopol. The accusations are meant to draw the attention away from the Crimean Tatars protests. Given that the Western world has a pro-Ukraine stance, it is attempting to evoke strong negative reaction. Russia is no stranger to such deceptive and propaganda methods.

Isolated Crimea: get your facts right: A blog around political news

The war of words between the West and Russia over the situation in Crimea continues to simmer. Western nations are accusing Russia of doing all sorts of nefarious things in Ukraine, even of plotting to invade other countries. The problem is that this is mostly based on pure speculation and unconfirmed rumours. Most of the stories about the impact of Russian actions on Crimea are also based on “facts” that don’t appear to be factual. With that in mind, here is a blog that looks at some of the stories in the media.

Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts: An in-depth article on the topic.

Investigators were working to examine whether the blasts that wrecked two electrical substations in the early hours of December 6 were caused by faulty equipment, human error or sabotage, the federal Investigative Committee said in a statement.

A suspected sabotage operation blew up power lines to the Crimea region, leaving more than 2 million people without electricity, power companies said on Saturday. The Black Sea peninsula, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, was hit by power outages on three successive nights, plunging much of the area into darkness.


Russia has come under fire from the US and Ukraine after a series of explosions at the Kerch Strait damaged the only bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia. The bridge was blown up by saboteurs on two occasions in less than a month. The incident has seriously disrupted the flow of goods and people between the two sides, which are now separated by a four-kilometer-wide strait Read More.

#Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts

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