Ukrainian and Russian Soldiers Fight Street Battles Near Kyiv

Ukrainian and Russian Soldiers Fight Street Battles Near Kyiv – The battle for control of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is escalating into urban combat. Hundreds and hundreds of pro-Russian forces have poured into the capital. They are engaged in heavy street fighting with Ukrainians. The rebels have taken over administrative centers and key institutions. This includes the army and police headquarters. They have also seized the TV tower on Kyiv’s Independence Square. The Ukrainian government has called on security forces to be on full alert. They are being told to prepare for a battle within the city.

What happened in Ukraine?

Ukraine is currently going through political turmoil. The protests in Kyiv’s Independence Square, commonly known as the Maidan, started in November 2013. The protests were catalyzed by the Ukrainian government’s decision to suspend preparations for signing the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement. The agreement was to be signed in 2014 and required that Ukraine push forward with reforms that would strengthen ties between the country and the European Union, while also working to reform their economy and fight corruption. Since the protests began, there have been a number of changes to the government, and new elections are slated to happen in May 2014 ”Ukrainian and Russian Soldiers Fight Street Battles Near Kyiv”.

Russia’s response.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has said Russia’s campaign in Syria is necessary to defeat terrorism in the country. He was speaking to Russian state TV channel Rossiya-1. President Assad said that “terrorists are sponsored by the West and by regional countries, particularly Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, who finance them and arm them.” “Without Russia’s support, we could not have confronted terrorists, nor could we have restored stability and security in our country,” he added.

 Why you should keep an eye on Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine has been a troubling one in recent months, with the country’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, recently fleeing the capital of Kiev and the opposition movement declaring victory in its efforts to oust the current government. While the situation is still developing, it may be useful to understand some of the key players here and why the situation has devolved to the point it is at now.

Conclusion: Ukraine is still in the news because of the current happenings in this country. This blog will keep you updated with the latest news and what you need to know about the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian and Russian Soldiers Fight Street Battles Near Kyiv

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